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🎥 ICONIC TikToks!

I found May through her TikTok videos. ICONIC! Such great advice for free.


🔮 May is an oracle!

May so insightful. She predicted exactly what happened and reassured me so I wouldn't have to sweat. Literal life saver! Thanks, May!


🤩 May gave me confidence.

I was shy before. I cooked lavish dinners for my dates and realized I had been bowing down and worshiping people that were never going to give me the light of day! With the help of May's confidence coaching, I date what I am worth.


Featured on Tom Segura's "Your Moms House Podcast"

Dating Starts from Within

Everyone values themselves differently. Once people learn to value themselves higher, it is incredible what is possible. Learn with May and unlock confidence and high self worth.

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